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In 2019 our founder and principal artist, Michael Karlovich, was working on creating a logomark for Recursia™ LLC.  During the creative process Michael realized he had discovered a type of visual illusion by which had not yet been described in the academic literature.  

 The underlying design principles and perceptual effects of the visual illusion were scientifically investigated through a collaboration between Michael Karlovich and the Fox Lab at the New York University Center for Neural Science, under the direction of award-winning neuroscience professor and author, Pascal Wallisch, Ph.D. Please click here free open access to the pre-print article of results. Please see below to browse a large collection of related never-before-seen "scintillating ray" illusions.

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Instructions to perceive the illusion: Fixate your gaze on the "R" at the center of the logo. Most observers perceive "shimmering", "scintillating", spoke-like rays radiating from the center of the logo and extends outward to the outer edge of the logo. These "rays" are a visual illusion produced by the brain.


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