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Founder’s Statement: Recursia LLC

​Welcome to our website! I am Michael W. Karlovich, Recursia, LLC’s Founder, CEO, and Principal Artist. We are so thankful you are providing us with an opportunity to introduce you to our origins and our marketplace. 

Recursia comprises me and three close friends who watched as I accidentally came to realize I was becoming an artist with a virtual brush. They individually and collectively collaborated with me on several creative projects during this transformative process and were instrumental in helping me establish Recursia. Two of them are working on getting their doctoral degrees and the other is now a medical student at Johns Hopkins University -- all three still play supportive roles.  


Since establishing Recursia I have continued developing suites of novel methods for producing original, visually striking, and colorful patterns based on mathematical principles, intuition, and pure imagination, applying these designs to fashion and products, and efficiently bringing them from concept to market. These methods allowed me to solely design and create all the art and products offered in our marketplace


"The power of recursion evidently lies in the possibility of defining an infinite set of objects by a finite statement."

--Niklaus Wirth, Computer Scientist,1976

This is reflected in one major, distinctive aspect of our work - the inherently predictable manner in which patterns emerge from within each design, depending on viewing distance and focal area, similar to a fractal. Careful scrutiny of the artwork finds hidden, multi-scaled patterns in the “base-image,” which is countlessly replicated, to the viewer’s surprise and wonderment.

Hence, Recursia, LLC. Our mathematically-based and neuro-inspired design methods arose from my academic training and post-baccalaureate research, combining the cognitive neurophysiology of vision, perceptual psychophysics, computer science, and digital art with an intuitive, deep curiosity manifesting in my desire to explore and discover unique, creative processes.

The resulting designs feature displays of patterns and colors straddling the boundary of what has heretofore been conceptualized as possible. Descriptive terms such as “Mandala,” “Arabesque,” “Seljuk,” “Geometric,” and “Psychedelic” have been used to categorize the creations offered in our marketplace. However, I feel the artforms we create are generally in a class of their own.

From my perspective, this process ultimately exists at the intersection of the various forces and factors that have influenced my life and perspective: neuroscience, perception, illusions, scientific research, logic, abstract mathematics, data science, programming, time in nature, improvisational music, meditation, and woodworking.


The mission of the company is admittedly lofty. Nonetheless, my vision is to eventually generate enough capital from Recursia Studios and our marketplace to establish Recursia Laboratories - a multidisciplinary research facility dedicated to understanding human physiology, sensation, perception, memory, cognition, consciousness, well-being, and developing novel evidence-based methods for relieving and preventing excess tension in both the body and mind.  The vision is for all research conducted by Recursia Laboratories to be funded by a portion of the profits earned from the products, bespoke commissions, and collaborations produced by Recursia Studios. The dream is to fund and conduct high-powered experiments involving greater-than-sufficiently large samples of participants in order to publish novel, rigorous, and valuable research that can humbly add to the repository of human knowledge and, most importantly, to develop ways of improving people's general quality of life.  


I figured it would be worthwhile to take the risk to see whether hard work can make this dream of funding world-class science through art to come true. If you enjoy our art and designs, considered purchasing something? Whatever you buy, I bet, is bound to widen someone's eyes while bringing a smile to their face. 

I appreciate you read this far and hope you find the marketplace worthy. Thank you!

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