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Welcome To Recursia Studios

Step into a world where fashion, visual media, and fine art come together to captivate and inspire. At Recursia® Studios, we specialize in transforming ordinary images into unique, mesmerizing patterns, opening a new realm of creative possibilities that standard design firms can't match. Our innovative approach solves the ubiquitous problem of design monotony, delivering bespoke patterns that are as distinct and dynamic as your brand. Our creations are designed to spark attention and stir positive emotions.


About The Studio

Recursia Studios is a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary design lab, where we combine modern scientific insights from the human visual system, perception, neuroaesthetics, and ancient design principles from various cultures. We are the artistic powerhouse that fuels our marketplace, transforming clothing, home décor, accessories, and gifts into stunning expressions of art and fashion.

Our Unique Brand

Recursia® is for everyone who loves expressing themselves through fashion and design. Whether you're a cutting-edge fashionista, bohemian soul, artist, or just someone who enjoys unique style, our made-to-order clothing and blankets featuring exclusive Recursia® designs cater to you. Our diverse styles range from elegant and modern-chic to wildly psychedelic and avant-garde, perfect for any occasion where you want to showcase your personality.

Recursia Scintillating Starburst Illusion

Fine Art For Sale

We also offer original fine art for sale, available exclusively through direct inquiry. Recursia's artwork is available only through us, maintaining the uniqueness and authenticity of each piece.

Legal Notice

Unauthorized redistribution or reproduction of any part or all of the content on this website is strictly prohibited without express written permission from Recursia® LLC or its legal representatives. To distribute, commercially exploit, transmit, or store content owned by Recursia® LLC on any other website or digital/electronic retrieval system or repository, you must obtain written permission from Recursia® LLC or its legal representatives.

Bespoke Design Services

Apart from creating designs for our retail brand's marketplace, Recursia Studios also offers bespoke commissions. We specialize in crafting custom art and apparel featuring print designs based on your chosen image or text.


Looking for distinctive designs for your brand, team, band, school, or company? Need a custom design for a product in our marketplace or a one-of-a-kind creation featuring your pet or initials? Contact us at to transform your ideas into stunning visuals. Due to our commitment to world-class art and design, we can only accept a limited number of bespoke commissions at a time.

Research and Innovation

Our research into the neuroscience of visual perception informs our print and product designs and contributes to the broader scientific understanding of the human visual experience. Recursia Studios has made two public scientific discoveries in visual perception: The Crocs and Socks Illusion and the "Scintillating Starburst," which is also the basis for our logo.


As Seen In

Here's a small taste of the designs crafted by Recursia Studios.

Please note that all images displayed on our website are highly compressed versions of the original files. Our work involves specialized computers and proprietary algorithms to produce extensive print files, often exceeding 4 gigabytes in size. The intricate details of most Recursia designs are not fully represented in the online photo galleries featured on our website. If you'd like to view the original print files and truly appreciate the richness of our designs, please reach out to us at

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