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Welcome To Recursia Studios

We specialize in creating original fashion, visual media, and fine art designed to capture attention and stir positive reactions. 


About The Studio

Recursia Studios is a unique multi-disciplinary design lab specializing in producing visual media, art,  and fashion informed by a modern scientific understanding of the human visual system, perception,  neuroesthetics, and ancient design principles from a diverse array of cultures. Recursia Studios is the source of the print designs featured for sale on the clothing, home décor, accessories, and gifts offered in our marketplace.

About The Brand

Recursia® is a brand for anyone who expresses themselves through fashion and design. We have something for everyone: fashionistas on the cutting edge, bohemian troubadours, artists, as well as your everyday person who likes to think of themselves as normal. We offer made-to-order clothing and blankets exclusively featuring Recursia® designs. Stylistically, our goods typically range from classy and modern chic to outrageously psychedelic and avant-garde. We create excellent products ideal for any situation where you want to show off your personality or unabashedly be yourself. Whether for a music festival or concert, a party, working out at the gym or lounging around with family and friends, there is a Recursia product for you!

Art For Sale

We also offer fine art. Originals are for sale through inquiry only. Despite many requests, at this time Recursia artwork is only available through us directly. 

Legal Notice

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents of this website in any form is strictly prohibited, except with express written permission from Recursia® LLC or its legal representatives

You may not, except with the express written permission from Recursia® LLC or its legal representatives, distribute or commercially exploit the content owned by Recursia® LLC. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or any other form of digital or electronic retrieval system or repository.

Recursia Scintillating Starburst Illusion

As Seen In

Bespoke Design

In addition to sourcing the art and designs for our retail brand's marketplace, Recursia Studios accepts bespoke commissions.

One of our specialties is creating art and apparel with print designs composed of an image or text of your choice.

Does your brand, team, band, school, or company need custom, unique designs unlike those offered anywhere else? What about product backdrops?

Do you see a product in our marketplace that you would like to feature a custom design? Or perhaps a design you would like on a particular product?

Are you someone who is looking for a one-of-a-kind design made out of a picture of your pet? How about your initials? A sunset? We create a stunning series of images and products featuring cutting-edge designs based on virtually any image. 


Or if you would like to have something designed using a pattern in our portfolio but not currently used in our marketplace, Email us at for details on how we can turn your vague idea or crystal-clear vision into a reality. 

We strive to only produce world-class art and designs and thus can only accept a limited number of bespoke commissions at a time.


We research the neuroscience of visual perception to inform our print and product designs and contribute to the general scientific understanding of the human visual experience.


Along with our business-confidential findings, Recursia Studios has made two scientific discoveries in visual perception made available to the public, namely,  The Crocs and Socks Illusion and the "Scintillating Starburst."


The Recursia logo is composed of the Scintillating Starburst illusion. 


Below is a small sample of designs by Recursia Studios.

Content note: All images on our website are highly compressed versions of the original files. We work with special computers and proprietary algorithms to produce massive print files which are often in excess of 4 gigabytes. The extraordinary details of most Recursia designs are lost in the online photo galleries featured on our website. For access to view original print files, please email

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Sample Design Portfolio